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Breaking News!

Beautiful puppies with amazing temperaments!!

We offer: Show handling, Puppies & Adults when Available!
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Welcome to Mystic Oz Samoyeds

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My name is Lois Osmundsen and I'm the owner of Mystic Oz Samoyeds.

I have been grooming, handling, and breeding dogs for most of my life. While I have handled and bred many different breeds of dogs, The Samoyed breed IS my passion in life! This breed has the sweetest temperament and they are incredibly loyal and loving. It's hard not to feel warm and fuzzy inside when a Samoyed greets you with that infamous Sammy Smile!

My first priority as a breeder is to breed dogs of sound quality, structure, and health. All breeding stock dogs are OFA'd certified for hips and CERF'd for eyes. To ensure the best possible genetic makeup of a litter, I am incredibly selective when choosing a breeding pair of dogs. I have owned and bred several AKC champion dogs and I actively enter my dogs in AKC sanctioned conformation shows. My success in the show ring speaks for the quality of my dogs.

Each of my breeding stock dogs are first and foremost, members of my family. They are spoiled rotten and they are allowed to play in the mud and the snow or whatever else that makes them happy dogs. My dogs make me laugh and cry. The Samoyed breed is such an animated and emotional breed and they need TLC. That's exactly what I provide each of my dogs! Having a canine friend and pet is my first priority. Having a show dog is my second priority.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Mystic Oz Samoyeds!

Congratulations to Taylor Bobby & Lulu!
Love & Happiness Always!!


Move over Polar Bear "Winter" is taking Over!

Winter posing with her Coca Cola.

Maximus the TV Samoyed

Maximus the Samoyed seen every morning on Channel 7 eyewitness news weather report with Bill Evans is a Mystic Oz Boy!!!

We are so proud of Maximus & his celebrity status Maximus is a Dominique X Oslo Son. Maximus & his wonderful loving owner Jon live in NYC.

If you are in the tri state area I am sure you may have seen Maximus if not please keep watching channel 7 early AM weather around 6ish. You will see our Big Beautiful boy Maximus with Bill Evans.




Mystic Oz Dogs...

Mystic Oz's Boomer Layton Wins WD/BW at the Prestigious Morris & Essex KC Dog show! Boomer's first time out. He wins!!! Here are a few pictures showing his Correct movement & Beautiful Type!!!

Ch Mystic Oz's Gentleman George Clooney
Clooney resting & showing off his Beautiful Breed type.

Here are more Mystic Oz Samoyeds

Kanga at 13 resting in the snow

Mystic Oz's Macho Man "Disco"